Digging into Digital: Free Digital Comic Books (Last Update: 1:00 PM EST)

It's Free Comic Book Day today, and we at Panel Patter want to encourage you to go out there and visit your local comic book store, many of which are having author signings, deals on older comics, and of course, the free new offerings from publishes ranging from the biggest names to micro-pub collectives.

But hey, why not look at some of the free digital comic offerings also going on today? We're trying to collect as many of them as possible in this post, which we'll update with more information as the day goes on, if we find any others. They're listed in alphabetical order:


Lucy Bellwood of Baggywrinkles, Cartozia Tales, and various shorts in The Nib and elsewhere is offering her autobio mini True Believer for free today here.

Rachel Dukes is offering all of her digital books for free today, including Frankie Comics (about Rachel's adventures with her cat), and lots of others. Use the code: "fcbd15"

Ryan Estrada will "charge" you a tweet, but in exchange, you get every comic he's ever made (I have them, from various projects over the years). That's 1785 pages of comics, ranging from quirky autobio (Ryan's lived a very interesting life) to zany fiction pieces that have some relation to his own experiences. You can get it by following this link.

Kevin Joseph is offering the web-only version of his comic Tart today only at this link.

Jenny McKeon is offering all of her comics available on Gumroad as free for today only.


Naturally, Comixology has some comics picked out for FDBD. Included here are a ton of Image #1 issues, like Southern Bastards, The Fuse, The Fade Out, Saga, Trees, Bitch Planet, Wicked + Divine, Copperhead, and Wayward. Also included are some Marvel Infinity Digitals, an always-entertaining Atomic Robo freebie, and oddly, enough, a part of Bone. So if you wanna sample some series you've heard about, especially from Image, now's a good time. You can get them here.