Weekend Pattering for January 22nd, 2015

** Kevin Huizenga previews some panels from Ganges: The River at Night.  Feels like we've been waiting a while for some new Huizenga.

** Chicago's CAKE show is trying to get a grant to be able to expand some of their programming this year.  Go here to vote for CAKE to get a chance at this.

** In other Chicago news, Quimby's is hosting an overnight Zlumber party next weekend for anyone who wants to work on the zine.

** Probably the biggest release of the year so far is March Volume 2. Over at Newsarama, Zack Smith talks with Rep. John Lewis about the book and his experiences.  At The Beat, Nate Powell and Chris Ross talk about designing the book.  (side note: Somehow I just read the first volume of March for the first time.  It's excellent, engaging and moving. It's slowly building up John Lewis to be a real life hero and Nate Powell's art is just lovely.  Can't wait to finish the new volume.)

** Paste interviews Michael Deforge.
Paste: Talk to me about color. It’s definitely a hallmark of your work, but it’s also different for each project. What suggested this palette for First Year Healthy?
DeForge: I wanted to work with earthy, natural colours on this one, since my tendency is to go with loud palettes and harsh neons. It’s important to switch it up story to story — I don’t want to get too reliant on any one way of working, or get stuck in any habits.

** The #fourcomics meme hit Twitter big time on Thursday.  Just go ahead and scroll through that whole hashtag and you'll see some awesome stuff.  More fun has been seeing the small Twitter previews of the images and trying to guess what the comics are.  Thanks to Jim Zub for throwing out the challenge late Wednesday night.  Comics Alliance has just a small portion of responses from comic pros on their site.

I put my own up as well and am fighting the urge to write more about each one but that seems to go against the spirit of the hashtag.

** Your weekly moment of Art Spiegelman.

** The pattering of Paneleers this week.