RJ Casey Starts New Blog Focusing on Artists Called "I Like That"

Yeti Press co-publisher and comics creator RJ Casey has started off his new year with a new blogging project, which he's appropriately called "I Like That."

The goal is to feature a new artist every week, and not just comics creators, either, as you might expect. Casey has been working as an intern for Fantagraphics, and over the course of his time there plus being a part of the industry for three years now, he's gained an appreciation for art that he wishes to share.

From the opening post:
Being at the internship over the last 6 months and “working” in comics for over 3 years has opened my eyes to a lot of art. I usually respond with a “Whoa!” or “I like that!” to the pieces that appeal to me. But I never actually question why they appeal to me in the first place. I’m tired of comic reviews being centered around the writing and I’m tired of squirming when someone asks why I like the things I do.
In addition to the blog entries, RJ plans to link to examples of the creator's art all week long to help those following along understand why he's selected that particular artist. He's very clear that this is a matter of personal taste, and is not trying to be definitive. He's also not including anyone who works with Yeti Press, to avoid conflict of interest. (After all, as he notes, if Casey co-published them, then he obviously thinks highly of them in the first place.)

The first artist is Frida Kahlo. I've included a sample image for you here:
Roots by Frida Kahlo
I think this is a great idea, and I hope RJ keeps up with the series all year long and maybe longer. It's very difficult to discuss the art in a comic, and the more people we have out there adding to the conversation--and vocabulary of reviews like myself--the better. I'll leave you with this, also from RJ:
Art is fun. And scary. And liberating. And joyous. Now I just want to learn how to write about it.
We wish RJ good luck, and encourage you to follow along. You can find "I Like That" at Tumblr here.