2D Cloud Plans for a Big 2015

A good chunk of the Panel Patter crew are big fans of 2D Cloud, a publisher that's been steadily gaining momentum, especially last year, which saw them draw a lot of praise from putting out the print edition of a Noah Van Sciver diary and Mari Naomi's Dragon's Breath and Other Stories, which was on too many favorites lists to count.

They're coming out in 2015 with a bang, announcing they're "leveling up" with a record number of 11 books slated for this year, starting with three titles at the beginning of this year and continuing with others throughout the year, including a new memoir from Mari Naomi and an anthology.

In addition to the larger number of books, they've introduced two new staff members, both of whom designed to help increase marketing and awareness of 2D Cloud. Melissa Carraher is in charge of publicity while Blaise Larmee takes on the role of Marketing Director.

If Larmee's name is familiar to you, it's because he, like 2D Cloud founder Raighne Hogan, is a creator himself. (Comets Comets was named one of Panel Pal Alex Hoffman's "Books that Challenged Me" in 2014) So there's definitely a desire to make sure that the people involved are comics people, and mini/micro-press in particular.

The total of 11 books is more than they've put out in the past five years, per Hogan, and is definitely ambitious. However, given how well received 2D Cloud is, they definitely seem ready to join Koyama Press and AdHouse Books as being able to do multiple titles in a year while still staying close to their original vision.

The first three books are loosely themed around sex and its taboos. Due out in summer 2015, they'll hit in advance of the Fall small press shows (SPX, APE, Short Run), when there is a lot of buzz about small press books, so it's good timing. Per the press release, a bit about each:
Andy Burkholder’s Qviet is a provocative collection of a multi-year series that takes a fearless look at the abstractions of sex, of seeing, and the fluid relations between the two. Blaise Larmee’s 3 Books comprises three separate, intertwining works, including the highly anticipated Ice Cream Kisses, and features a mix of media: intimate Skype video sessions, bleed-through drawings and monochrome paintings. Émilie Gleason’s Salz & Pfeffer brings to life a pageant of abduction, damnation, hell, brainwashing, fart jail, magical kingdoms, and murderous machinations across a set of evocative pencil drawings.

More books will follow in the Fall (probably timed to debut at small press shows), including new work from Hogan and Mari Naomi. Larmee will also contribute another title at the end of the year.

We will definitely be following things closely, and expect some reviews of these titles as they're released. 2D Cloud is a very good micro press publisher who's moving into small press territory. Make a note to keep an eye on them, and look forward to some great books in 2015!