Tis the Season for Comic Sales [Most Recent Update 12/17]

December is a month where lots of folks hold lots of sales, to capitalize on that sweet holiday money cash--and to clear out some inventory, making tax-time easier, too.

Here's a round up, in order of known expiration date and then alphabetically, of some sales that caught the eyes of the Panel Patter team. It's not comprehensive by any means. We'll update it periodically through the end of the year.

As an aside, remember that Comixology always runs digital comics sales on a regular basis, as does Dark Horse Digital. So there's plenty of chances to get good stuff from them, but it happens so often (and changes so quickly), we're not listing them here.

Ends December 19th:

Northwest Press is holding a 40% off everything if you spend $20 sale, and by everything, they mean everything, including t-shirts along with physical and digital books. These guys do great work in the realm of ensuring there is a high quantity--and quality--of queer comics, including work by our own Rob Kirby and Panel Pals Tony Breed and Leia Weathington. Use the code XMAS14.

Ends December 22nd:

The Top Shelf Seasonal Sale  includes a bundle of 20 of Top Shelf's best books for $69.99, an American Elf collection, a Jeffrey Bown bundle, and several other grouping of comics. This is via Comixology, but remember, it's now also DRM-free.

Ends December 31st:

Nix Comics is offering free shipping within the United States on all of its comics, including the rock 'n' roll horror anthology Nix Comics Quarterly, Nix Western, and the other books he's published or reprinted. Most of the single issues are $5.