The Crawfords Hope "Seeing Him" Eyes Kickstarter Goal

Kia and Kelci Crawford have teamed up for a new webcomic about "a nerdy woman who falls in love with a trans man" and are looking to Kickstarter to fund its construction. Written by Kia and drawn by Kelci, it's a 42-page comic called Seeing Him that they'd like to put up on the web twice a week, starting in April of 2015.

It's a relationship story that focuses on the love between the two characters, one of whom happens to be transgendered. There's not a specific focus on that aspect of the story, though the KS page describes it as leading to "slightly more complicated situations."

This is a slightly different way to go about a Kickstarter for a webcomic. Usually, the comic exists and then a funding campaign is run to print trades of the material. For Seeing Him, they've determined how much it would cost to pay the artist for the work, and are asking for pre-funding accordingly. Kia, the writer, is not planning to take any income from the project, with 65% of the money headed to Kelci, 30% for producing the project rewards, and another 5% for any unforeseen issues.

Rewards include a digital wallpaper at the $5 tier, with bookmarks, an e-sketchbook, maps, and other things relating to the webcomic at the higher levels, though no physical copy or PDF of the completed work itself.
An example page from Seeing Him
The character designs on the Kickstarter page look great, and there's even an innovative "interview" with the characters found on Kelci's website for those wishing to learn more before funding.

As of this writing, it's falling a bit short of its goal, but lots of things can change quickly. This is definitely an unusual approach to funding a webcomic, and I suspect that not having completed script and art is hurting the campaign a bit. Still, this sounds like it would be a lot of fun to read, and I hope (obviously, since I wrote this up) that they reach their goal.

You can check out (and fund) the Seeing Him Kickstarter here.