Action Lab Sets Its February Line-Up

It's always fun to get a peek at what's coming up from publishers that I follow. This time around, it's a look at what Action Lab has coming out in February. This isn't their entire line, just the ones I found interesting or want to recommend. 

Remember that Action Lab books are available at both your local comic book shop and online at Comixology, where you can get them with the ability to download a PDF for your very own.

Without further ago, let's go!

64 pages, color, $9.99
I've been reading Gronk from the very beginning, back before Katie Cook exploded in popularity as the first writer of the new My Little Pony comic. It's the story of a young woman who discovers a child-like monster (Gronk), who left his family because he didn't want to like like they did. Full of fun, slapstick humor that represents the best of newspaper strip comics, some great subtle jokes (often in asides, like t-shirt designs), and slick line work, Cook's creator-owned series is well worth reading if you haven't had the pleasure.

HERALD: LOVECRAFT AND TESLA #3 (of 3) John Reilly, Tom Rogers, and Dexter Weeks
32 pages, color, $3.99
Lovecraft and Teslsa take on cultists with the fate of humanity at stake. I read the first issue of this recently, and it wasn't amazing, but those who love seeing historical characters mixed into a sci-fi story would probably appreciate it more than I did. This one really packs them in, as the first issue has Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein, and more mixed in with Lovecraft and Tesla. It's a fun story, just not really groundbreaking. This one closes out the first arc, leaving the door open, I'm sure, to future stories. If you like mythos and mash-ups, this one will be for you.

HEROCATS OF STELLAR CITY #4 Kyle Puttkammer, Marcus Williams, Ryan Sellers, and Matt Hearns 
32 pages, color, $3.99
Cats fight battles to keep humanity safe. This one features them going after dangerous sinkholes, which means they're fighting for better infrastructure funding? Maybe not. Either way, this is a fun romp that involves cats. What's not to like?

PIRATE EYE: EXILED FROM EXILE # 2 (of 4) Josiah Grahn and Carl Yonder
32 pages, color, $3.99
Continuing Smitty's new life, after he's lost everything. One of these days, I'm going to get a chance to read Pirate Eye. It's gotten recommended to me by many folks, including our own Doug Peach. This is the second issue of the new series, in which Smitty is going after some old mates. A mash-up of pirates and private eyes, it's a series I am pretty darn sure I'm going to like--if I just get a moment to do it!

PLANET GIGANTIC TPB Eric Grissom, David Halvorson, Will Perkins, and Phil Sloan
128 pages, color, $14.99
Here's the description on this one, which sums it up nicely: "Two genetically engineered teenage astronauts crash land on a fantastic planet and are forced to grow up in a world filled with rock monsters, giant insects, smoke ninjas, and a cruel Queen who wants their powers. And that's just on the first day." James Kaplan reviewed the first issue of this series, finding it to be all-ages fun the best sense of the world, and full of 1950s sci-fi action. If you missed the single issues, here's a chance to pick up the trade, which collects issues 1-4.
PRINCELESS :THE PIRATE PRINCESS #2 Jeremy Whitley, Rosy Higgins, and Ted Brandt
Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Rosy Higgins, Ted Brandt
32 pages, color, $3.99
Adrienne's alliance with Raven, the Pirate Princess, looks to be short-lived, as their goals conflict in the second issue of the new series. Can I just say how much I'm looking forward to reading new Princeless? I'm always happy to read more work from Jeremy, but this is the one that is likely to be always at the top of my list. The cover on this one is amazing! Don't forget to start looking for the new series in January, then this one in February. 

That's what was notable for me from Action Lab for the second month of the year. Hope you find your own favorites, which may be some of these books!