2014 Favorites: Rob Kirby, Whit Taylor, and Guy Thomas

Though they didn't do their lists here, I wanted to make sure that anyone looking for the lists from some of the other members of the Panel Patter team were able to find them!

Here is Rob Kirby's list, where he discusses 10 great mini-comics and 10 great non mini-comics from 2014. Rob K's got Megan Kelso, Kelly Froh, John Porcellino and Cara Bean on his lists, among many others, including a few things I didn't get to read this year but wanted to and one book that I also named as a favorite.

Whit Taylor takes to her Tumblr to talk about her favorite graphic novels, sticking to one form of comics to create her list. There's some good stuff in there, such as Yumi Sakugawa's newest book, two of my own favorites, a bunch of Koyama Press titles, and more. Have look!

Guy Thomas uses his Two Page Spread for his list. He's a big believer in runners-up, and has several things on the main list (like Basewood) that I'm hoping to read soon. Go see!

Unlike James and I, these three are sane individuals who only talked about favorites once, and their selections show that we at Panel Patter have very wide-ranging taste. I encourage you make sure you're checking in at Whit and Rob's own sites regularly!