Oily Comics Has a 25% Off Sale Ending Today (11/11)

The Wavy "O" suggests you buy comics from
Chuck right away!
Fresh off an invigorating appearance at Comic Arts Brooklyn, Oily Comics is holding a 25% off sale that ends today, November 11th.

There's a ton of good stuff available, including the summer bundle (if you missed it), a new sketchbook from Josh Simmons, and singles of some of the more recent Oily releases, including publisher Chuck Forsman's own new serial, Luv Sucker, which is currently on issue two.

You have to buy at least five dollars worth of stuff, and if you are interested, don't delay, because basically by the time you read this, you will only have the rest of today to make your order.

The code is POSTCAB, and again, it gets you 25% off whatever you order.

You can find the Oily website here.