Comfy Con Returns for 2014 from November 21-23

Possibly the all-time best con tag line.
Not everyone can make the trip to a convention, even if they'd love to participate in discussions, panels, and interaction that is usually reserved for gatherings of people with like-minded interests. To solve that problem, Danielle Corsetto and Randy Milholland created Comfy Con, a web-based convention. It returns again, starting today, November 21st, around 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific) and continuing even past its closing ceremonies, for a final panel at 7pm Eastern on Sunday the 23rd.

Combining the best elements of a brick and mortar convention with the "anyone can participate" spirit of the internet that drives the embarrassment of riches known as web comics, Comfy Con is a very open, loose gathering. There's no admission fee, no pay wall, and the site even mentions that others can run their own panels using the #comfycon hashtag on Twitter.

Things are very chill, based on the website, with links to the events going up as they happen. (It's probably impossible to do that in advance, since they are live.) Some events are recorded for those who can't watch them at the time, based on the tech of the panel's host. There are links for a vendor's "room" along with extras, contact info, and of course, twitter links.

For various reasons, I have not participated in the past, but I am hoping to do so this time, at least for the panels on anthologies (featuring some people I talk to on Twitter, like Spike Trotman and Sfe Monster) and managing creativity and a day job (hosted by Panel Pal Monica Gallagher).

If you have some time this weekend and either haven't been able to go to a con or just are interested in topics ranging from self-publishing vs trad pub to being a lifer in webcomics, definitely check it out. I hope to "see" you there!

The Comfy Con website!