Celebrate New Year's Eve with new Roger Langridge

BOOM! Studios has announced that Roger Langridge's newest creator-owned project, Abigail and the Snowman will debut on December 31, 2014, bringing some pre-party cheer to those of us who are huge fans of Roger's work.

I first became aware of Langridge when he worked on the Muppet Show books for BOOM!, and I've become a huge fan of work, particularly when it's all-ages. This project was teased months ago, and it's exciting to have an actual release date attached to it.

Here's the premise of the series, from the release:
This heartwarming story follows young Abigail, the new girl at school with a habit of talking to imaginary friends. When her newest friend turns out to be a real yeti named Claude who escaped from a top-secret government facility, it’s up to Abigail to keep him safe from the “Shadow Men” chasing him.
I'm already picturing in my head the imaginary friends, the designs of the (probably somewhat clueless along with being mean) government agents, and the fun I'm going to have reading this mini-series. Anyone who's enjoyed Langridge's other work--and thankfully, there's plenty to like, given he's extremely prolific--definitely needs to keep an eye out for this one in a little over a month.

Abigail and the Snowman #1 is scheduled for a December 31st, release, and will be the standard $3.99, available in both print and digital, at your favorite shop or device.