Catch a CAB...and See Michael Fiffe, Cathy G. Johnson, Patrick Kyle, Katie Skelly, and Sara Varon

Comics Arts Brooklyn is almost here! If you're able to make it, here are some suggestions on creators and publishers you should look up when you get there. Look for more entries at this tag.

Over the years at Panel Patter, we've covered quite a few mini-comics creators. Some of these fine folks will be attending CAB Brooklyn this year. If you're able to make the show, let me point you in the direction of this quartet of creators, all of whom have been featured here on the site at some point in time.
Cathy G. Johnson's
  • Michael Fiffe's Copra gets rave reviews from everyone who reads it. I haven't had a chance yet, but James Kaplan gives a great series review here. You can learn more about Michael at his website.
  • Cathy G. Johnson was new to me this year, when we connected after she was nominated for an Ignatz award at the Small Press Expo in 2014. Her watercolor work and thought-provoking storytelling really hooked me. Here's what I wrote about her, and here's her official website.
  • Patrick Kyle's Distance Mover was James Kaplan's introduction to Koyama Press, and it was a good one. He wasn't used to more experimental comics, but after reading Kyle's work, he came away impressed. You can find James' thoughts on Kyle here, and Patrick's website is here.
  • Katie Skelly uses black ink in a way that's really striking. I got a chance to read Nurse Nurse before it was collected by AdHouse, and man, Skelly's work is superb! Sharp, biting linework meets sharp, biting characters, as I noted in this review. Katie's website is here.
  • Sara Varon was covered by me back when I was nowhere near the polished reviewer that I am now. However, I still wanted to include my thoughts on her, because I really liked the comics I read back then. Please don't laugh at how bad they are too much, ok? Sara's official site is here.

All of these creators are fantastic, and well worth your time, attention, and money. Go check them out this Saturday at Comics Art Brooklyn!