Catch a CAB...and See Hic and Hoc, Koyama Press, Locust Moon, Oily, Uncivilized, and Yeah Dude

Comic Arts Brooklyn is almost here! If you're able to make it, here are some suggestions on creators and publishers you should look up when you get there. Look for more entries at this tag.

Comic Arts Brooklyn has some of the Panel Patter team's favorite publishers appearing at the show, and we know we're missing out on a few, but sadly, there's only so much time in a day, so we broke it down into two groups to focus on. Sorry to all of the folks we missed, we'll try to catch you another time!

Instead of re-hashing things we've already said, this post will point you to posts relating to each of the publishers involved. While some may have more coverage than others they're all rad folks who need your money, and if you give it to them, in return, they will provide you with amazing work from a wide range of creators.

Part 1 should be right below this post. Here's the rest of the gang. Enjoy!

  • Hic and Hoc has a lot of cool books, and I really wish we'd do a bit more coverage for them, but none of us get paid for this gig, so we can only do so much. Still, I've really dug the books from them I've read, and their anthologies (like the Illustrated Journal of Humor, which I need to review soon) are full of panel patter favorites, such as the oft-mentioned Noah Van Sciver. Here's a link to our coverage, and another link to their website.
  • Koyama Press causes the most "fights" in the Panel Patter "office" as we jockey to claim rights to review their work. Annie's small press, not unlike Pitzer's AdHouse, is small but mighty, and when you are the primary home of Michael DeForge and plenty of others (John Martz, Patrick Kyle, and Elisha Lim), you're doing something right. We've discussed Koyama books here, and you can also visit their website.
  • Locust Moon has a ton of things that they do, including running a comic book shop, holding a great mini-comic show of their own, and, more recently, publishing books, including an amazing, blow-your-mind tribute to Little Nemo. They'll be at the show, and if nothing else, even if you can't afford a copy, take a look at the book. Trust me on this. Their website is here.
  • Oily Comics is the publishing arm of Chuck Forsman, and while it's no longer a monthly affair, they're still putting together package of comics. You can find new material from Chuck, Melissa Mendes, and many others, including my running gag for this feature, Noah Van Sciver. The bundles give Chuck more options in terms of the type of minis he's publishing, along with prints and other extras as they're available. Our looks at Oily books are here, and Oily has a home on the web here.
  • Uncivilized Books is newer to me, but with great creators like Sam Alden and very high quality production values, they're one to watch for--and definitely check out at the show. Our coverage of Uncivilized is here, and this is their website.
  • Yeah Dude Comics rounds out this feature, as Pat Aulisio's mostly subscription-based publishing will be at CAB, featuring books from Aulisio himself along with others. I really like Pat's ability to switch between joking about stoners to intricate linework that's among the best you'll see. He's also got a great eye for talent, too, as you'll see when you stop by his table. Here's our coverage, along with Pat's website.

Have a great time at CAB, everyone!