Please Welcome New Panel Patter-er, AJ McGuire!

It's always a great day when we add a new preacher to the Panel Patter roster so that the Gospel of Good Comics may expand across the virtual land!

Usually, it's me finding someone and bringing them aboard, but in this case, AJ McGuire asked if there might be room for him on staff. (Short answer to that question is almost always going to be "yes," by the way, unless you're a jerk.) I took a little time to look over his work on Tumblr--where James and Guy both came from, by the way--and saw quickly that AJ was exactly the kind of person who'd make a great addition to the site.

Here's a very brief bio of AJ:
AJ McGuire lives in the Boston area where he dedicates his free time to publishing fanzines (Succour Fanzine & Gratitude Fanzine) and writing about comics online ( & 

When reading over AJ's writing, I saw a keen eye for understanding the key differences when looking at independent comics and self-published work. And anyone who pulls out panels of Nancy and  Love and Rockets is the kind of person I want working with us here at the site.

So please give AJ a warm welcome! His first post will be along shorty. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I have so far!