Halloween Horror: Julia Gfrorer and Sean T. Collins Talk Scary Seas

If you love horror,you've come to the right place! It's another entry in Panel Patter's Halloween Horror 2014! You can find all our eerie entries by following this Halloween Horror tag.

Not all horror has to be traditional or fictional. In a nice, timely piece syndicated by Matt Bors' The Nib, a part of the Medium platform, writer Sean T. Collins and artist Julia Gfrorer provide a look at just what might be the reason we're scared of the ocean and other large bodies of water.

Called The Deep Ones, it's available here and well worth your time. Collins gives it a suitably moody set of captions, slowing the reader's pace in order to linger over the rich, detailed illustrations of Gfrorer, who evokes familiar themes, such as the Loch Ness Monster, without either word or visual calling them out by name.

Perhaps most haunting of all is the depiction of the dead, drowned and waiting for unlikely companions.

Truly great stuff, but that's no surprise, given that Bors's online curating makes him practically a one-man Google Reader for great webcomics. (I know he has help, but it was his idea to start with, and I'm very grateful it exists.) 

Make sure you check it out, but only if you're safely on land!