Gabriel Hardman's Kinski Comes to Print November 5th

How can you not want to own this?
I'm a huge fan of Gabriel Hardman's art and his comics work in general. It doesn't hurt that he also worked on the movie Inception, which I enjoyed, even though I know it's not a perfect movie. Whenever I run into a comic with Hardman's art, I'm always excited.

He's also no slouch as a writer, often working with his wife, writer Corinna Bechko. After they managed to make me interested in Planet of the Apes, I made sure to read anything they were working on, even if the premise wasn't quite my thing.

In addition to being good at comics, the pair are also very involved in helping shelter animals. Corinna is always tweeting out photos of adorable cats, which is always a way to get onto my radar. So it's no surprise that Gabriel came up with the story of Kinski, which is available digitally on Comixology through Monkeybrain and makes its print debut November 5th from Image Comics.

Here's a description of the plot:
A lost black Labrador Retriever puppy. A lonely traveling salesman named Joe. When they find each other, Joe is convinced they’re a perfect match. But in KINSKI, a graphic novel by Gabriel Hardman (Hulk) coming from Image Comics in November, fate has a way of trying to get in between a man and his would-be best friend. Joe is going to make sure that nothing — not animal control, airline regulations, or an endless RV park — keeps them apart.
It's not something you'd immediately think of as being a compelling comic story, but with Hardman's ability to craft visuals that emphasize the most important part of a scene and an ear for realistic dialogue, Kinski becomes a story that anyone can relate to, if they have a heart (and probably, pets of their own).

Naturally, the visuals drive this story, with Hardman working in black and white and showing off his ability to make shadow and black space just as manipulative as color can be. Anyone who's seen his sketch work can attest to this, and it's in full force here.

A set of preview pages is below, courtesy of Image Comics. You can buy Kinski digitally right now, or wait for the print trade, November 5th, priced at $14.99