SPX Elsewhere: Rob Clough and Rich Barrett Share Their Selections

We here at Panel Patter are always eager to see what our friends who write about comics are saying about SPX! Here's two of them that you should definitely check out!

First up is Rob Clough, who annually makes a list of creators to look for at SPX, which is probably a lot saner than attempting to write 30+ entries individually. He's listed 17 Creators and Publishers to See at SPX 2014, and the list is, of course, stellar.

After noting that some folks are perennial must-visits (including Panel Patter friends Noah Van Sciver, Koyama Press, 2D Cloud, and others), he speaks briefly about many others, some of whom we featured this year and some who I hope to look into myself later.

Among those listed: Mari Naomi, Sophie Yanow, the Study Group folks, and more.

Check out Rob's excellent selections (and his high-quality blog) here.

When you're done with Rob's look, make sure you check out former Panel Patter SPX Spotlight creator Rich Barrett, who runs his own site, Mental Floss. Rich created his own list of books to seek out at SPX, and as with Rob's list, it's got some familiar names--and some I need to find.

Among those on Rich's imaginary shopping list are Sam Alden, Cathy G. Johnson, John Martz, and of course, Mari Naomi, who I think is on everyone's list (and for good reason!).

Check out Rich's quality picks (and his own strong blogging work) here.

Enjoy as we approach SPX! Only a few more days! Yikes!