Small Press Previews Site Debuts

Here at Panel Patter, we do what we can to let you know when the small publishers have new books out there. But sometimes we don't get the information, or if we do, we don't have time to cover it immediately.

For the "comic shop comics" of the world, there are things like Previews Magazine or Comics List. But if you are the type more interested in "Hey, when's that new Retrofit Comic hit?" or find yourself saying "I haven't checked in with Study Group in a few months," then there is a new site out there that's perfect for you!

Debuting today, Small Press Previews, run by Retrofit Co-Publisher Jared Smith, will fill that gap, and already has 40 small and micro press publishers lined up, including Retrofit (natch), 2D Cloud, Alternative Comics, Yeti Press, and pretty much everybody we've ever featured here at Panel Patter that has a publishing arm.

It's a great idea, and one that is sorely needed. You can just look at the titles or sort them by month. When you click on an image, it takes you to the full preview, which includes sample pages, a bit about the comic itself, pricing details, and even where you can buy the comic, both print and digital, if it's available electronically. Once there, you can arrow between the previews! It's so user-friendly, it's almost impossible to believe.

But that's not all--if you want to look at preview pages only, just drag away the cover, and inside are some yummy sample page goodness.

Here's what Jared had to say about the site:
The idea for Small Press Previews came from realizing how many great small press comics are being published today. More and more publishers are releasing comics, but many of them are small print runs, and since most are one-off projects, it's very difficult to even keep track of all of them and when they are released. Plus, with only a few distributors carrying smaller publishers, it's hard to find out where to order these comics. So besides helping publishers and fans, this is a big help for me and other stores as retailers. I hope more and more small publishers join the site.
Small Press Previews is an amazing resource. Check it out and bookmark it today. I know we here at the site will be using it frequently. You should, too!