Rose City Roll Call 2014: Yeti Press

Rose City Roll Call! Cambot! Gypsy! Tom Servo! Croooooow! Periscope! Dark Horse! Kurt Busiek! Ooooooooooonnnnni! It's another Panel Patter feature on creators and publishers who will be at Rose City Comic Con! You can find all our features for the show right here!

Though a show like Rose City Comic Con is probably best known for the acting talent and superhero creators (who are pretty cool), it also has an extensive Artist's Alley section, which features a variety of small press folks, some of whom I've already featured.

One of those small publishers is Yeti Press, who will be at the show along with Portland native Erik Nebel, whose book, Well Come will be available at their table along with some of Yeti Press's new offerings.

Rob Kirby interviewed the guys behind Yeti Press recently, if you want to learn more about them. Here are some brief descriptions of the main books they'll have available:

Well Come by Erik Nebel is a collection of his webcomic, which features brightly colored images that draw a fine line between the familiar and the abstract. Absolutely gorgeous work when viewed online, I'm looking forward to seeing what a print copy looks like. The Yeti folks have this to say: "We think Erik Nebel is one of today's most underrated artists and we couldn't be happier publishing a collection of his webcomic Well Come. This truly unique book is a window into a surreal, spiritual world that twists and turns unexpectedly from one emotion to another."

Pecos Bill is a signature title of sorts for Yeti, and they recently collected the first two issues along with a third entry in the story. Created by the co-publishers (R.J. Casey and Eric Roesner), it's the story of Pecos Bill, but not like you've ever seen it before. Well, unless you already own a copy. From the Yeti's mouth: "Yeti Press's flagship title is now getting it's own rip-roarin' collection! Putting together the first two issues, as well as the brand new issue 3, this book has enough laughs to choke a horse. Our gross-out tall-tale cowboy comedy has it all - lassos, narcotics, wolves! Oh, did we mention forbidden love? Yee-haw!

Pecos also includes pin-ups by some of our favorite artists like Ivan Brunetti, Hilary Barta, Sean Dove, Andrea Bell, and more."

Finally, those who enjoy lowbrow humor should investigate Poop Boobs Poo by Sam Sharpe, which is a collection of one-panel strips from the cartoonist. These kinds of books either work well or fall flat, depending on your personal sense of humor. I haven't read it yet, so I'll leave it up to you. Here's their description: "Cackle, chuckle, chortle, guffaw. This is a list of the things you’ll do when you get your hands on Eisner Nominee Sam Sharpe’s newest book. Poop, Boobs, Poo assembles all of Sam’s hilarious one-panel strips into one gut-busting compendium."

Yeti Press will also have a free bookmark while supplies last, designed by David Alvarado. When you go looking for indie work at Rose City, take a look at Yeti Press and see what you think!

Can't make it this weekend? Yeti Press is online here.