Rose City Roll Call 2014: Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko

An example of Gabriel Hardman's sketch work
Rose City Roll Call! Cambot! Gypsy! Tom Servo! Croooooow! Periscope! Dark Horse! Kurt Busiek! Ooooooooooonnnnni! It's another Panel Patter feature on creators and publishers who will be at Rose City Comic Con! You can find all our features for the show right here!

I'm really excited to see two creators I haven't met in person yet at Rose City this year, the team of Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko. I think I first encountered them together when they were writing Planet of the Apes books for Boom!, and I immediately was hooked on their plotting and dialogue, because I had no real attachment to the property itself.

Since then, I've always tried to seek out their work, and some of Hardman's superhero stuff (especially when teamed with Jeff Parker) is absolutely amazing in terms of composition.

Their most recent project is working from a plot by Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson, Deep Gravity, which involves a planet that has desired resources but is extremely dangerous. Only one company has the contract, and many would like to see them fail, leading to a thrilling sci-fi series that's still in its early stages. They're also finishing up Star Wars Legacy for Dark Horse.

They also have some upcoming work, including a new series, Invisible Republic (coming in 2015, from Image) and a paper collection of Hardman's Kinski, which was digital via Monkeybrain and will be print from Image in November.

Gabriel was taking pre-orders for con sketches, so I don't know if he'll have time to do any other at the show, but he is also working on the Con Portrait project, where you can sit for him, if there's time, and he'll give you a digital sketch, using the original for an upcoming art book.

I'm not sure what all they'll have at the show (my guess is some prints, maybe a few trades and single issues), and possibly art from Hardman. Regardless, you should stop by their table, get to know them a bit, and make sure that you start reading their work. You won't regret it, trust me.