Rose City Extra: Vote in the 2014 Stumptown Comics Awards

Though Stumptown itself no longer exists as a comics show, the organization still lives on, in partnership with Rose City Comic-Con.

They have an open voting awards system (yay) that lets you vote in the awards.

But! If you want to be a party to the proceedings, you have to move fast. The awards close September 10th.

Now normally, I might try to convince you to vote a certain way in these awards, but I can't this time around. I'm still having trouble myself deciding, because the quality of the nominations are so good. How do you pick between Cartozia and Study Group? Nate Powell and Natalie Nourigat?

There are a ton of great nominees, so all I can say is let's reward them all for being so awesome by setting a record for votes received!

You can find the ballot here. Again, remember that the deadline is September 10th, so don't delay!