Digging into Digital: 2000AD Offers Free Prog 1900 Preview

In an effort to make a big push for their newest issue of 2000AD, Rebellion is offering a free digital preview comic, with stories that help give new readers a feel for the characters involved in the landmark Prog 1900 issue.

2000AD has been in publication for over 37 years at this point, providing weekly sci fi comics that have a distinctive British feel to them, even as the appeal of the character has extended across the pond and anywhere else the anthology and its collections can be found.

Every week, 32 pages of story is presented, with features that ebb and flow across the issues. Judge Dredd is the mainstay character, of course, and his creator, John Wagner, still writes the character on a regular basis.

It's amazing that an anthology series has lasted this long, especially one not centered in the hub of Western comics, the United States. In fact, getting routine copies of 2000AD in the States in print form is not very easy. (Luckily, it's far easier--and cheaper--in the digital age.) But what I like best about 2000AD, since I started reading it myself a few years ago, is that while US-companies have taken a more serious, realistic look to their speculative fiction, Judge Dredd and the rest of his compatriots aren't afraid to go into the insane corners of the sci fi world that were once home to the vivid imaginations of so many pre-code comics in the US.

Cover to the jumping on issue, Prog 1900
Sure, 2000AD can be dark--and in fact, some arcs of Dredd are probably darker than anything in a US comic--but there's also a great string of macabre humor or completely off the wall insanity, like a brain-damaged bounty hunter that destroys everything when working for a client.

The sampler itself starts off with Dredd, of course, including his first appearance and excerpts from some of the major storylines along the years. There's also an introduction to Dan Abnett's Kingdom as well as Stickleback, a series shown in amazing black and white. (Did I forget to mention that 2000AD doesn't force things to be in color?)

If you have ever had any interest in seeing what British Comics are like now, not just the reprints featuring well-known names like Moore or Morrison, the new Prog 1900, out now, is a great chance to start out and see if you'd like more. To see how these new stories got their start, and to do so with NO COST AT ALL, go download this mega-preview and enjoy 96 pages of great speculative comics.

Here's betting you'll be hooked, just like I was, when I first tried 2000AD. It may be comics' best kept secret right now. Let's get it into the light.

You can download the free preview here.
When you are ready for more, there's plenty to buy, digital and print, at the 2000AD online store.