Zita the Spacegirl Day on Panel Patter

This week's theme day focuses on an trilogy of all-ages space fantasy as we take a look at Ben Hatke's Zita the Spacegirl, published by First Second.

Originally a character created as an adult figure by Hatke's wife, back when they were dating, Zita slowly morphed into the tween figure known today, after taking a brief trip in other forms. She's a brash young girl who ends up putting a friend in deadly danger and has to work to redeem herself across three books worth of adventures.

Hatke's space world is innovative and extremely well drawn, and his character arc for Zita works well, though it does fall into a few "Book 2 tropes" along the way.

I really enjoyed reading this series, and with the final book--so far--recently being published, I decided to give the entire series a review.

You'll find all three books covered today, spread a few hours apart. Anyone who loves space adventure stories is going to enjoy Zita, as I hope you'll see after reading our coverage today!