SPX Spotlight 2014: Katie Sekelsky Hits a Home Run with new Baseball Comic

Welcome to another entry in the 2014 SPX Spotlight series!  For the next month, Panel Patter will be highlighting creators and publishers who will be at one of the best conventions, the Small Press Expo.  You can check out all of Panel Patter's spotlights for SPX from both this year and prior years here.

Anyone who follows Katie Sekelsky's Sketch Buc'n knows that she's a huge baseball fan--and a Pirate fan in particular. Now she's turning that love of America's former pastime to look back in time with  new mini-comic series, Full Count, the first issue of which is set to debut at SPX this year.

Full Count #1 will chronicle poor Fred Merkle, who made a crucial baserunning mistake which cost the New York Giants the pennant in 1908. Properly called "Merkle's Boner" (but as we all know, language has changed a bit since 1908 and Katie wants kids to be able to buy and enjoy the book), Sekelsky promises that future installments of the series will only "be even more obscure" than this one.

Sekelsky's linework is perfectly suited to doing a historical, as she has great practice portraying real-life figures via the sketch blog. She also has a strong passion for the subject, even if being a Pirate fan can be an exercise in extreme frustration. Her figure work does an excellent job of capturing what makes the person unique, like Andrew McCutcheon's hair. Full Count should be a great series, and I hope that Katie keeps it going past the first issue.

Sports not really your thing? Sekelsky will also have her Time Traveler's Pocket Guide (review here), prints of all kinds, the micro-prose anthology 16 Single Sentence Stories (illustrated by Katie), and of course buttons, including an offer to draw on a wood button for $3.

Can't make SPX? It's sad, I know. But you can find Katie Sekelsky on the web here!