Please Welcome New Panel Patter-er, Guy Thomas!

It's always a great day when I'm able to announce that we have a new writer here on Panel Patter, and I'd like to ask you all to give a warm welcome to our newest team member, Guy Thomas!

I found Guy working some great commentary, brief reviews, and interviews over on Tumblr at his own site, The Two-Page Spread, and when I saw that he was easily at home discussing why people were foolish for getting upset over Thor-as-Woman (because he once was a FROG, people) to his opinion on Far Arden from Kevin Cannon, I knew he was just the kind of person I wanted writing for the site.

Here's a little more about Guy:
Guy Thomas is a time traveling space alien rock star from the future. He’s currently hiding out in Milwaukee, Wi, where he attends university in pursuit of a film degree and a whole lot of debt. He may seem kind of shy, but ask him about comics, David Bowie, or Studio Ghibli and he just won’t shut up. You can check out his blog at and his artwork at
A little later today, Guy's first review for the site--and our first full review of an Archie comic!--will be up, as he looks at the surprise hit, Afterlife with Archie. Please stop by and see his work, and be ready--Guy's enthusiasm for comics is catchy, and he looks to be a great addition to the team for a long time to come!