Usagi Yojimbo's Future Teased in "Senso #1" Preview

In a press release sent out today, Dark Horse Comics previewed some art from Stan Sakai's upcoming new Usagi Yojimbo series, Senso. Needless to say, it looks great.

Set twenty years into everyone's favorite samurai rabbit's future, Usagi, now a General, fights against evil, as he always does. That's when a new element comes into play, taking the character in a science fiction direction.

The first issue will be out August 6th, with a $3.99 price point, and should be available at your local comic book shop as well as digitally via the Dark Horse Comics app.

A preview of the first issue is presented below, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics. Usually, I wouldn't mention the same new series twice prior to a review (I already made note of this when it was announced), but this is Stan Sakai we're talking about, so rules are meant to be broken. ;)