Titan Comics Points Tardis to Doctor Who Comics Day for July 26th

Titan Comics announced in a Press Release that they were declaring July 26th to be Doctor Who Comics Day, with promises of signings and events to coincide with the first Saturday after the release of their first licensed Doctor Who Comics on July 23rd.

From the release:

 This July 23 sees the release of two brand-new Doctor Who ongoing series, Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor by Titan Comics, which already is set to be the biggest Doctor Who comics launch in recent times! 
To celebrate Titan Comics is pleased to announce Saturday July 26 will be DOCTOR WHO COMICS DAY and would like to invite Doctor Who fans and comic readers to join in with the celebrations. 
As well as being the first to read these exciting two new series, DOCTOR WHO COMICS DAY will give fans the chance to celebrate everything Doctor Who with signings, events, special variant covers and promotions in stores and at shows in the U.S.A, Canada, U.K. Australia and New Zealand! 
Full details will be released next week.
 Fans are encouraged to follow along at the Titan Comics Facebook page as well as their Twitter account (@ComicsTitan).

Titan got the license from IDW at the beginning of 2014, after the prior company did one of the best tributes to a series I've ever seen or read in the form of Doctor Who Prisoner of Time, which was one of my top comics of 2014, as I wrote both here and at Newsarama. They're looking to start off with a bang, debuting books that chronicle the adventures of the 10th and 11th Doctors and there can be no doubt that the 12th Doctor will follow soon after, in October.

Titan is still relatively new to comics, but they definitely have a hot property in Doctor Who, and making a big roll out like this makes good sense. It gives people a chance to stand up and take notice of their entire line, which has included an anthology series I enjoyed (A1) and new Tank Girl material.

The Titan Comics website is here. Covers for the first issues of the new Doctor Who comics are below: