Please Welcome New Panel Patter-er, Douglas Peach

It is with great pleasure that I announce we have a new team member, Douglas Peach!

Doug comes to us from having his own comics blog, A Heroic Dose, which I found and immediately saw the quality of the content of Doug's analysis. What really drew me in was that the reviews were about the same kinds of comics we cover heavily here at Panel Patter, such as Battling Boy. His review of that book really caught my eye.

Plus, dude's a die-hard Spider-Man fan. That's an eye for quality, right there. :)

Here is Doug's introduction to our readers:
Douglas Peach soon learned that your Earth's yellow sun gave him horrible, cooked-meat smelling sunburns and he doesn't like that.  So instead he spends a lot of time indoors reading comics, novels, playing what his family refers to as "crazy man shoot man" on Xbox, changing diapers, and working as a research assistant for the local university.  He's also a professional photographer, an unpublished writer unsuccessful at finding an artist so far, and the father of three lovable little girls who are destined to destroy Tokyo with mind-control death rays.
He tells people he was born in Kentucky, but who's born in Kentucky? 
Answer: Nobody. 
If you see him, check for gills.​  And tentacles. 
Doug's first review for Panel Patter features another old favorite of mine, creator Rich Koslowski, and will be going live a little bit after you read this. He'll be around a few times a month to share his views on various comics after that. I think you're in for a real treat!

Let's all give Doug a warm welcome as he joins the Panel Patter ranks!