Ryan Kelly's Annual Art Sale is Tomorrow, June 4th

Panel Patter favorite artist Ryan Kelly is holding his annual art sale tomorrow, his blog announced.

Beginning roughly at 1pm Eastern Standard time (or 10 am for us West Coast types), Kelly will update his blog with prices for the pieces he's putting on sale this year, all of which are available to view on the blog right now as a preview.

Kelly's art sales are always amazing, because he prices his work so reasonably on these occasions. Nothing is over $100, and the best pieces are snapped up quickly. They show his wide range of talents, in both color and black and white, and on a variety of subjects ranging from superheroes to girls hanging out with really large, really creepy bugs.

Kelly's comic art was most recently featured in Three, one of the best historical comics I've had the pleasure of reading (and as a bonus, a giant middle finger to Frank Miller's 300). He's also worked on New York Four (and NY5), and has his own insane (and I mean that in a good way) project, Funrama.

A few samples of the art for sale appear below. You can find Ryan Kelly's blog here, which also includes posts about his recent projects and other notes. He's an amazing talent who doesn't get the attention he deserves, as I'm sure you'll agree after checking out his work.