Oily Comics Offers Summer 2014 Bundle

Continuing its new publishing model, Oily Comics, run by mini-comics creator Chuck Forsman, announced its latest lineup of offerings.

The "Oily Summer Bundle" contains comics that continue several of the stories either from the old Oily monthly subscription (such as Dumpling King by Alex Kim) or the new, quarterly batches (like Forsman's Luv Sucker). Together with some art prints and a painted envelope, the package this time around is available for $20, plus $3 shipping and handling.

The complete line-up, taken from Oily's website:
Missy 2 (Larger than the last one) by Daryl Seitchik
Word and Voice 12 by Aaron Cockle
Bastard 1 by Max de radigués
Luv Sucker 2 by Charles Forsman
Dumpling King 5 by Alex Kim
Nu 1 by Sacha Georg
Warren Craghead
Billy Burkhert
All mailed to you in an envelope designed by Julia Gfrörer
Though there's no guarantee, last time around, additional comics/prints were added before the bundle went out. I would not be surprised to see that occur again. One of the nice things about moving to the quarterly model is that if a person gets a book done early/wants to throw in, it's much easier to do so in a bundle than it was for the 5-a-month form used up to 2013.

The pre-sale is designed to end before shipping in Late June or until there are 300 orders, whichever comes first. Those looking to pick this up definitely need to do so now or risk missing out.

For those who were monthly subscribers, it's nice to see some of those series continue here. I really liked where Dumpling King was going, for example, and thought it might be lost to me. It's also nice to see that, just as with the monthly version, we are going to get recurring series here as well.

On the downside, having a Noah Van Sciver mini in the first batch was a major draw. This time, Forsman is the only easily recognizable name (though other names, such as Aaron Cockle, are known properties for those who travel in mini-comics circles). It will be interesting to see if this edition gets as much buzz as the first one did.

Hopefully, this will continue to do well. It's nice to have a publisher like Oily, who works off pairing creators together instead of just selling their works one by one (though that is available, too). If you like seeing a broad range of creative styles within the mini-comic genre and can spare the $20, go ahead and pre-order and look forward to comics bounty in a few months.