New Goon Series Promises "Revenge"

Dark Horse Comics announced in a press release yesterday that Eric Powell's Goon character would return with a new #1 issue, as part of Powell's new plan to make Goon a mini-series based comic instead of an extremely erratic regular book.

Called "The Goon: Occasion of Revenge," it picks up on the general plot that Goon has stepped his foot into the business of a group of powerful magical beings that make his old adversary the Zombie Priest look like the chump he was frequently portrayed as, back when the series was more about jokes and lighthearted fun. But as we can see from these opening pages, the Goon--as always--has a plan.

I'm a big fan of Powell's work on The Goon, though I admit, I prefer the earlier material because I liked it being a foul-mouthed, raw romp that was mostly about Goon beating the crap out of things (including Hellboy, at one point). This new series looks like Powell is continuing on his more serious path, which is still excellent work, with surprising depth even if the coarse exterior is retained.

The first issue of The Goon: Occasion of Revenge is set for July 23rd. Preview pages are below, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.