Bold Riley Day at Panel Patter

Welcome to another spotlight day here at Panel Patter! Today we'll feature Leia Weathington's Bold Riley, which is now into its second volume of stories at Northwest Press after a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year.

Bold Riley is the story of a princess for whom the day to day life of court and its expectations for women simply won't fit her personality. She's brash, fearless, and straightforward. Renouncing her rights, she travels the world, looking for adventure and finding it many times over.

Riley must face gods, monsters, evil spirits, and her own stubbornness in the adventures, written by Weathington and drawn by a host of talented artists, including Leia herself.

It's basically a fresh take on the sword and sorcery genre, one that better fits the 21st Century. Anyone who loves the stories of writers like Robert E. Howard and others from the early pulps that also acknowledges they're stupid racist will appreciate Weathington's grasp of what makes these stories so great. Instead of keeping them warts and all as others have done, Leia crafts something new and better, and it's really amazing work.

First up in just a bit will be my review of Volume 1, collecting the first set of stories. A few hours later, a review of the first issue of the new series will appear in your lovely feeds.

In addition, you can always check out the interview I did with Leia back when the Kickstarter was running.

This one comes highly recommended from me, as you'll see in the posts to come. I hope you enjoy, and I really do hope you'll pick up the books from Northwest Press!