Admin: Time Flies When You're Moving 2700 Miles

Rob M here. I wanted to take a brief moment to thank James, Rob K., Whit, and Scott for keeping things going while I was mostly out of commission as part of the move.

I thought sure I'd be able to do more over the past six weeks, but between boxing things up, moving things out, the moving itself, and getting set up, it's taken far more of my energy than I expected.

So expect there to be some catch-up work from my end, as I go back and read some things that I wanted to talk about but wasn't able to find the time during the moving process. Look for that starting today, as well as a ramp-up back to daily content, which you may have noticed this past week.

On the one hand, I'm a bit bummed at missing out on experiencing these comics when they were brand new. On the other hand, this reminds me of Christmases Past, when Dad would buy a shit-ton of old comics for me as cheaply as he could manage, and I'd get to devour them, page by page.

Anyway, enjoy catching up with me, see if you agree with some of my thoughts, and hey--maybe you'll find a few hidden gems you missed among the hype.

The Panel Patter team is looking to keep 2014 going as a breakthrough year where we do even more to cover the kinds of things others don't always give attention to.

Just don't mind me if a few of mine are a little late. ;)

Speaking from the comics pulpit,