More Subscription Comics via Yeah Dude Kickstarter

I've been wanting to talk about this one for awhile, but unfortunately timing got away from me a bit. However, I am very pleased to be able to at least give a last-day push to Pat Aulisio's Yeah Dude Comics 2014 Subscription Kickstarter.

One of the many cool Philadelphia area creators, Aulisio has been creating mini-comics of his own for several years now. For this project, he's working in the same model as Box Brown's Retrofit Comics, offering a series of minis to subscribers (but in print only) who want to sample a wide variety of creative influences delivered to their door.

Long time Panel Patter readers know I love the concept of comics subscriptions. The ability to pick up new works from old favorites and investigate new writers and artists at the same time is almost always a winning combination for me.

In this project, Aulisio has opted to go with more of an anthology format. Each issue will be 16-24 pages long, with 1-3 artists per issue. Artists include several favorites of mine, new and old, highlighted by Box Brown and Josh Bayer. Other creators whose work I've enjoyed in the past include Sean T. Collins and Laura Knetzger.

Iron Skull by Skuds Mckinley from Issue 2
Pat has a ton of previews for the comics on the Kickstarter page, which gives you a solid indicator if this is the type of comic you'd like to receive or not. You can also click on links to the creators' pages. From the previews and based on my knowledge of Aulisio's work, you are likely to get more comics that are on the raw edge of the spectrum. That means this isn't going to be something for everyone. However, after Josh Bayer opened my eyes a bit to the potential of this genre of minis, I am really looking forward to this opportunity to have some more in that style sent to me to see what I think. I trust Pat's editorial eye to give me only the best in his option.

The reward tiers start at $10 for one issue and a bonus tabloid from Aulisio. There are also four and eight issue subscription options, along with varying bonuses.

As I write this, Pat is almost funded but the deadline is only a day away. If you like mini-comics and want to receive work from some great artists who do everything from making fun of the Ninja Turtles to intricate black and white art, go fund this one right now, before the campaign is over. Especially if you are already a fan of Retrofit, you'll be glad you did.

The Yeah Dude 2014 Subscription Kickstarter is here. Go fund it!