Hourly Comic Book Day Link Roundup updated 6pm EST

Hourly Comic Book Day was Saturday, February 1st, with creators all over putting together little images about their waking hours for all to enjoy. It's a way of sharing without the oppressive filters of perfection and editing, because you can't stop and fix everything. You draw in the moment, warts and all.

I love seeing what comes of Hourly Comic Book Day, because I am fan of autobiographical comics and this gives me a chance to see a lot of them all at once. I thought this year I would share the ones I saw--and I know there were a ton more that I didn't--here on Panel Patter this year. Most of these came from putting out a call on Twitter to share with me. Thanks to all who did!

List is alphabetical, so as to not play favorites. Some of these are from creators I've known and followed for years. Others are new to me, but might just end up being creators I follow going forward. Maybe you'll find a new favorite in here, too.

I'm likely to update this list at least one time before letting it serve as a historical marker of the event.

Tara Abbamondi
Tony Breed
Megan Brennan
Rebekka Dunlap
Claire Folkman
Aimee Fleck
Colleen Frakes
Melanie Gillman
Sara Goetter
Miranda Harmon
Alisa Harris
Russ Hudda
Hanna K.
Jenny McKeon
Kelly Leigh Miller
Molly Ostertag
Jen Overstreet
Aatmaja Pandya
Maritsa Patrinos
Carey Pietsch
Kelly Phillips
Jeremy Sorese
Neil Slorance
Rebecca Tobin
Raina Telgemeier
Vanessa Satone
Claire Webster
Allison Wilgus