Sunday Readings 01/05/2014

After a lengthy hiatus, I figured I'd bring Sunday Readings back, at least for this week. May only do it when I have enough things for it.

For those new to this, it's where I do a little link-blogging from the stuff I came across this past week.

Leading off is Ken Eppstein of Nix Comics. Ken gives a frank discussion of his numbers when publishing Nix Comics, which I think is extremely informative, if a bit chilling for those thinking of getting into comics publishing. Note the fact that some of the income is grants, a side that doesn't get as much attention as maybe it should.

Monica Gallagher, fresh off a successful mini-con, BMore into Comics 2, announces her plans for comic-making in 2014, including an all-new graphic novel for Oni Press.

Caroline of Fantastic Fangirls looks back at two shows she attended in 2013, SPX and Geek Girl Con, thinking about the nature of fandom in comics is changing and what that might mean. Like Caroline, I think it means lots of good things coming for those who embrace change. Even now, I think, we're starting to see it, as folks start to realize we don't *have* to be stuck with nothing but Batman.

If you *do* want to talk about Batman, there's no better person to do so with than Chris Sims. This time, he's pondering at length the strict bounds of morality you found in the hero-villain dynamic of Batman '66, television show edition.

Folks who like to do themed sketches (and those who like to ogle them), take note: AlphaBands is upon us!

Lastly for this Sunday, don't ignore this one because of the subject material. While this list talks about anime fans, its message resonates in all of comics. Chris Beveridge suggests five ways to be a happier anime fan. I definitely endorse this, especially the part about willing to try new things.

What were you reading this past week? Anything I missed? Toss it in the comments, please!