Please Welcome New Periodic Panel-er, Rob Kirby!

We here at Panel Patter are very pleased to welcome veteran comics creator and critic Rob Kirby, who is joining us as a periodic contributor on the site.

For those who are unfamiliar, Rob has a great history in the mini-comics and small press world, both as an anthologist (Boy Trouble, THREE, and the upcoming QU33R book from Northwest Press) and for his own work (Curbside, among many others). He also is a contributor to The Comics Journal, and like our own Whit Taylor, is a former Ignatz nominee.

Like those of us who contribute here regularly, Rob's love for independent work shines through in his past comics criticism, such as his annual lists of best mini-comics (you can his 2013 list here, and it is amazing).

Please give Rob a warm welcome, complement him on having an awesome first name, and stay tuned for his first contribution, on Hip Hop Family Tree, which should be up not long after you read this.

Rob Kirby's home website is here, if you'd like to find out more about him.