Monkeybrain on the Brain II

When Monkeybrain debuted in July 2012, I took a little time to feature a review on each of the debut titles, which I called "Monkeybrain on the Brain."

It's been awhile, and the line has simply exploded! While some of the launch titles have stalled, others were off winning Eisners, and creators ranging from Kurt Busiek to Jen Vaughn have jumped into the digital-first line. Those with the most regular publishing track records have even make the leap to print.

I figured that now would be as good a time as any to get back into things, so over the course of this month, I'll be featuring different Monkeybrain titles, both new and old.

You can find them under the Monkeybrain tag, which includes links back to the ones I did initially.

I doubt I'll get to all 39(!) books in the line in November, but I'm planning to cover as many of them as I can, and then do a third feature in a future month.

So fire up your Comixology app on your favorite browser/tablet/phone and join me as we begin another foray into some of the best comics out there--most of which are only 99 cents! I promise this will be more fun than a barrel of, well, you know...