Locust Moon 2013 Haul

What I got.
And continuing a tradition, here's a rundown of what I picked up at Locust Moon yesterday.

It was fun to get stuff from new people and a few old friends, and it was also neat to be all mini-comics for a change.

Reviews on these things as I get time, but I have a metric ton of comics and books right now so no idea how quickly that's going to happen.

So without further ado, here we go:

  • Milo & Ginny by Denny Connolly & Sergio Castro
  • Creator Showcase: Meg Gandy
  • Creator Showcase: Rawn Gandy
  • Catburglar Cream by Laura Knetzger
  • Flocks 2 and 3 by L. Nichols
  • 24 Hour Comics 2011 and 2012 by Kelly Phillips
  • Rat King and Snapdragon Queen by Carey Pietsch
  • Roquefort by James Point Du Jour
  • The Well-Dressed Bear Will Never Be Found by Jarod Rosello
  • Pants Optional by Jarod Rosello, Matt Aucoin, and Denny Connolly
  • Slow the Transit of Time by Ian Sampson
  • Nest Fest by Sarah Sheppard
Of course, sitting here now there's a lot of "oh man, maybe I should have grabbed..." but I'm very happy with the stuff that I got. Can't wait to read it!