Halloween Horror Returns from the Grave!

After taking a year off, I'm happy to report that I'm bringing back my Halloween Horror series this year!

In the past, I split it across Panel Patter and its book-book cousin, The Book Stew, but this year, it's going to have an entire comics focus, since I haven't read any horror fiction lately.

Best of all, I'm starting early, with a plan to keep posting all month long about some of my favorite horror comics and perhaps a few other things, here and there. I am a huge fan of horror in general and we're in a real strong age for horror comics, with creators as varied as Scott Snyder, Rachel Deering, Ed Brubaker, Steve Niles and many others handing the writing duties while amazing talents like Chris Mooneyhan and Sean Philips show their skills at creating mood and atmosphere. Meanwhile, horror giants like Richard Corben still loom large over everyone.

And that's just Western comics!

I don't expect this to be an every day feature, and some entries might link you to some of my 'Rama work, where I've been plugging some of the great horror comics out there today. Still, if you love horror, this is going to be the place for you, and you can keep track by following this Halloween Horror tag.

So come take a look at comics' dark, gorey, and gothic side with me--if you dare!