Halloween Horror: A Reminder about Alabaster: Wolves

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Hi All!

I'm at the Locust Moon Comics Festival today, so I don't have time to run a full post.  Instead, enjoy this set of 5 reminders why Alabaster: Wolves is not only a great horror comic, but a clinic on how to write a mini-series for comics.

My Newsarama Review of Issue 1.

My Newsarama Review of Issue 2.

My Newsarama Review of Issue 3.

My Newsarama Review of Issue 4.

My Newsarama Review of Issue 5.

Seriously, this was one amazing series that really stayed with me. I'm sad that Kiernan is stepping away from comics again, but I also understand you have to pay the bills, and indie comics are a tough way to do that. So why not give yourself a treat and pick up a trade of this the next time you're at the comic shop. This one gets my complete and unhesitating recommendation, especially for those of you loving Superior Foes of Spider-Man and looking for more from Steve Lieber.