Written by Joey Weiser
Illustrated by Joey Weiser

It's twenty six letters of destructive power, as Joey Weiser presents an alphabet sketchbook of creatures from Kaiju movies!

This mini-comic is a result of the Alphabeasts project, co-created by another Panel Patter favorite creator, Ben Towle, who Weiser notes inspired this idea.

I've spoken to Joey on Twitter on multiple occasions about our mutual love for Japanese movie monsters, and his knowledge greatly outstrips mine, which is limited mostly to the Godzilla films and a few of its spin-offs.  Thus it's no surprise to me that he is able to find a way to complete every letter of the alphabet without cheating, even including Rodan (under Fire Rodan) so that he can use a more obscure character in the appropriate "R" entry.

Each entry features a different creature, with Godzilla and Gamera sharing a menacing page together, because really, how can you choose between them?  (Okay, I guess you could, but why do it if you don't have to?)

As you can see from the example above, Weiser does a nice job highlighting the things that makes these creatures to tough but also portraying them in his signature style that makes even the most menacing things look like they could be a stuffed animal.  Sure, they'd tear Tokyo down to the ground, but wouldn't you just want to post their picture on Tumblr, with the caption, "awww"?

I don't know how many copies of this book Joey has left (they aren't listed in his online store) but see if you can find one from him at a show.  It's a great themed sketchbook that both horror movie fans and those who like themed books will enjoy!