Bill Roundy's Bar Scrawl

An example of a Bar Scrawl entry.
Written by Bill Roundy
Illustrated by Bill Roundy

It's a bit unusual for me to review something with such local appeal, but I really enjoy Bill Roundy's work, and I'm happy to see him blending his love of food and drink with his journal-style comics into a series of visual reviews of the many, many places in Brooklyn where you can get a drink.

Though it's unlikely I'll be at any of these establishments anytime soon--I can't imagine paying to stay overnight in NYC--it was easy to get a feel for the bar scene in and around Roundy's area.  He does a great job painting a picture of the various bars, as you can see from the picture at the left.  Each entry, which is only one page long, has a larger panel showing the interior, along with whatever details Roundy feels is important, whether it's the decorations on the walls or the heads on the taps.

It is also incredibly easy to get a feel for the type of patrons at each bar.  Sometimes they are dressed casually in jeans and others definitely are for those who want to get fancy before they get buzzed.  If there are cool quirks to the bar, like using a home grill for the food or going to the bathroom in a TARDIS, you get to see it on the page.  These quick hits are actually a lot more effective than some restaurant reviews I've read!

Originally presented in The Brooklyn Paper, these collections, complete with directions and hours at the bottom, are a great idea that I wish someone would do here in Baltimore.  They're of local appeal, but if you are a person who spends time in Brooklyn and like your drink, definitely get a copy of these or check them out at Bill Roundy's webpage.