SPX Spotlight: Sara Lindo and Super Lobotomy

Welcome to another entry in my SPX Spotlight 2012!  You can find all of my SPX Spotlight posts, including those from past years, by clicking here.

Sara Lindo is another creator that I discovered very early on when I first got into mini-comics, with her short story, Lobotomy, about two brains that lived together and struggled to work out their differences. I immediately saw her strong creative abilities and am always happy to hear about a new project from Sara.

In all of Lindo's comics, whether it's Lobotomy, Carl Finds Love (about a lonely construction cone living in a anthropomorphic world that includes a living piece of pizza that sells its own kind), or Wall Street Cat (where a cat has an actual job in NYC as a therapy animal), there is a theme of placing the extraordinary into the everyday.  A fantastic concept (living brains or an employed cat) is merged with normal life (looking for the right person, earning money) to create a comic that has a sense of wonder while still being grounded in the same situations we find ourselves in every day.  It's a great theme to have as a creator (one that Steve Seck takes in a different direction) and allows for a wide variety of characters and stories to be told.

Sara's art is as good as her storytelling, portraying the world of her characters to look as normal as possible. She uses a realistic style that still keeps a cartoonish edge (not unlike Ben Towle or Colleen Frakes, though in a very different manner), and her strange inhabitants of these worlds are drawn to look as normal as a talking brain or walking utensil can possibly do.  She does a great job with greyscale and shading, and I think I actually prefer her work in black and white as a result.

For this year's SPX, Sara is debuting Super Lobotomy, her sequel to the book that first hooked me on her work.  I don't know a lot of the details, but it involves a brain wearing a cape.  Really, do you need more information than that?  She will also have copies of Wall Street Cat (which is ADORABLE), Carl Finds Love #2, and the original Lobotomy so you can catch up on the story.

If you like the fantastic mixed with the mundane, then Sara Lindo is a creator you need to see at SPX this year.  Can't make SPX?  Visit her website and get something from her store, as well as see some of her other artwork.