Digging into Digital: Comics Plus Hosts 4th of July Free Comics

It's been a busy time for the digital comics world lately, and that's not stopping just because it's a holiday.

Comics Plus, the digital comics provider that recently expanded from being Apple-only to having desktop and Android apps, is celebrating the American Fourth of July holiday by offering a little over 60 different comics for free, most of which are first issues, from a variety of publishers including Action Lab and Top Cow.

The sale runs only for July 4, 2012 and should end at approximately midnight EST, per Comics Plus, though to be on the safe side, if you want to take advantage of the sale, you should do so by 11EST.  Why wait until the Midnight hour if you're going to get good comics?

At the price of FREE, there's really no point to not grabbing anything that interests you.  However, I wanted to highlight a few titles in case you have (like me) limited internet today.  Links are to reviews, if I did one.

  • Monsters are Just Like Us, a fun comic from Super Ugly and Action Lab.
  • Princeless Issue 1, which is Eisner Nominated, also from Action Lab.
  • Vic Boone, which I read and definitely recommend, but I'm a bit behind in getting my review done.
  • Kevin Keller #1.  I really liked issue 2 and the feel of this series in general.
  • Graphic Classics Vol 1:  Edgar Allan Poe.  Read this ages ago, a steal for free!
I'd also point out that Volume 1 of Artifacts from Top Cow is there, so I'm going to give that a try, after my recent positive experiences with Witchblade.  There's also a Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave #1 that I'll take a flier on, and the first issue of Chris Roberson's Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes, and many other books from smaller publishers that might appeal to you.  It's always great finding a new favorite that way!

This is a great promotion, but it ends just after your local fireworks, so if you want to try some free comics, go do it now!