Heroes Purchases

As I like to do when I come back from a Con, here's a list of the things I purchased at Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, when I visited on Friday, June 22nd.

A longer write-up of the show will come later, but here was my shopping list...

  • 3 Story The Secret History of the Giant Man by Matt Kindt
  • 5 Minute Marvels 2012 Sketchbook by Grace, Kate, and Tim from 5 Minute Marvels
  • American Barbarian by Tom Scioli
    • Anathema #1 by Rachel Deering and Chris Mooneyham
    • Artist Alley Comics Sampler by Various
    • Bait fort the Beast of the Deep and Domestic Disputes by Vanessa Satone
  • Big Deal Comics and Stories #2, #3, #5, #10, and #11 by Patrick Dean
  • Love is a Burning Thing by Gray Gunter and Brent Peeples
  • Mishit 1 by Rafer Roberts
  • Motor Psycho  by  John Pading and  Shigeharu Kobayashi 
  • The Order of Dagonet #1-#6 by Jeremy Whitley and Jason Strutz
  • Polly and the Pirates Volume 2 by Ted Naifeh and Robbi Rodriguez
  • Princess Calabretta  by John Pading and  Shigeharu Kobayashi
  • Puddles by Tara Abbamondi
  • The Stolen Lovelight by Paul and Tara Abbamondi

I also picked up Godzilla Gangsters & Goliaths, the first two Agents of Atlas ongoing trades, and three of the post-Brand New Day Amazing Spider-Man trades via a $5 trade bin.  

Overall, this was a pretty typical show for me these days.  I got new things from favorite creators, picked up a new title or two that I'd heard good things about, added a few new creators to my "buy their stuff" list, and took a chance on some things that looked interesting and were $5 or less.

Convention season is in full swing!  What did you get at Heroes, if you went?