Rob at 'Rama: Week of April 2, 2012

As some of you know from reading my announcement earlier this week, I am now part of the Best Shots review team at Newsarama.  Here's a link to the Best Shots articles in which I have a review.

My debut was on Monday, where I talked about why I really like the new Atomic Robo Presents:  Real Science Adventures #1 and why I did not care for Bloodstrike 26.

On Tuesday I had the lead review, talking about my surprising love for the returned Supreme 63, written by Alan Moore (off a script from the original run) and with art by Erik Larsen.  That was my book of the week, believe it or not.  I also sang the praises of Mudman #3, by Paul Grist.

Thursday I crammed my thoughts about Fatale #4 into 250 words.  Those who know me know I'm bad at keeping things short, but I managed!

Newsarama doesn't have a comments section (can't say I blame them), but I'd love to know what people thought of these books, so feel free to add your two cents here.

More reviews at Newsarama next week!