Sunday Readings, 11-13-2011

Good Morning!  While two-thirds of the Panel Patter team travels to Philadelphia, enjoy some Sunday Readings...

Gay Kid author Katie Omberg tries out something new for her, as she works on the 30 characters in 30 days challenge.  Check it out!

Newsarama has an interview with Panel Patter favorite Matthew Petz about War of the Woods.

It's a timepiece!  It's a social repression!  It's Super-Fop!

Melissa Dalluhn discusses raising corn in a graphic style.

It's hard when you're a Monster with a Liberal Arts degree.

Back to Newsarama, which also notes that Comixology seems to be solidifying itself as the preferred digital distribution method.  This is good and bad, for reasons too long to go into here but certainly could fuel a blog post or three.

This is an older interview with Raina Telgemeier, but I wanted to link to it just in case you missed it.

Finally, have a little wordplay with Wondermark!

Enjoy your Sunday!  Maybe see you at the Philly Zinefest!