Counter Attack #2, #3, and #4

Written by Alisa Harris
Illustrated by Alisa Harris

I'm a sucker for comics that have to do with cats.  They are my favorite pet, and I've had cats in my life almost ever year for over twenty years now.

So if you have a cat comic, I'm almost certainly a good mark for you!

Counter Attack is a series of quick sketches of Ms. Harris' two cats, Fidget and Moe.  They spend their time doing the funny things cat do, from trying to ruin our board games to pretending they own everything in the house.  Harris shows them being possessive, being aggressive, and even, when their guard is down, a bit of love.

There's nothing fancy about these minis--they are cute drawings of cats.  Harris's line work is slick and her cats flow across the page and simple scenery.  The minis do not have a plot or a story, other than to tell the day to day lives of two adorable cats.

If you are a cat lover, these three minis are a nice addition to your collection.  Cat people tend to collect cat comics, and there's nothing wrong with that.  Anyone looking for more than that will be disappointed.  I liked this series of sketches, and I hope to see a Counter Attack #5 sometime soon.

If you'd like to get a copy of Counter Attack, you can do so at Harris' website.