Sunday Readings 9-25-11

As we wave goodbye to September (where did it go?), here are some Sunday readings for your halftime enjoyment on a football-fillled Sunday...

WARNING:  Today's Sunday Readings have multiple links that I would consider not safe for work.  Do not open this at work, k?  Unless you're dying to no longer work there.

I have not read anything from the New 52 yet other than Justice League, so I do not have a strong opinion on the Catwoman-Starfire controversy.  My initial reaction was mostly disappointment, but I think it's wrong to have an opinion that's based on what others say, not what the comic actually is.  That said, I do think it's a bit odd to get all upset about Catwoman having relations with a person she's been flirting with/dating for years in the comics, assuming all that flirting is still in continuity.  (Getting upset because the splash page looks like crap from a usually solid artist is another thing entirely.)  The Starfire thing has more legs to it (no pun intended), based solely on what I've seen.  Anyway, here's Laura Hudson's impassioned take on the whole thing and a counterpoint by Mary Staggs that directly addresses Hudson's column.  EDITED TO ADD:  Here's another counterpoint to Hudson that compares the outrage to the 1950s, from MTV Geek editor V.R. Gallaher.

Controversy always leads to comedy, as Mike Hawthorn proves here.  This was my favorite of the things I'd seen over the past few days taking potshots at Catwoman 1.

My Cardboard Life unintentionally comments on long-time DC comics fans.

In other news of the bedroom, Johnny Ryan sums up exactly why all these kudos for Chester Brown bother me.  I'm not a huge fan of Ryan's, but this comic uses his style to prove his point perfectly.

Moving on to happier comics news, Chris Sims tells you why you should be reading Daredevil.  I'd already be reading it, but Marvel won't make it available as a digital comic for some reason.

Brigid Alverson is always good for some interesting comics reading, either of her own or from someone else.  Here, she's pointing out some behind the scenes work on Maus.  In another post, she's got more background looks at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Finally, here's a new webcomic Brigid found that looks interesting, called Little Guardians.

The Neverending Digression reports on two digital freebees from Dark Horse.  Neither strongly interest me because they are tie-ins, but it's always nice to see publishers offering bonus content on the digital side of things.

I probably should have collected SPX reports for a link roundup, but I didn't think of it until it was too late.  Still, here's one from an SPX newbie, for those thinking about attending next year.

Finally, The Happy Sorceress shows us that everyone likes Plants versus Zombies.  Everyone. (Sorry I can't credit the artist, but I can't read the name.)